Sep 292013

Biography Information: This babe is an American model and is well known for personality and her amazingly tattooed body. She have born Wichita, Kansas 1988 and from the little girl she was always interested in the modelling career. When she got bit older she decided that it is time to start modelling and started posting her photos to websites like MySpace. This pretty girl is also an hairstylist, what can see from her amazing hair styles.

Later on her fame got even more popular when the website like Tumblr came along. There she had the chance to share her beautiful pictures to the full potential. As we all know Tumblr is amazing place to share your photos and those images can spread around pretty fast by the reblog function they have built in. Her Tumblr page got so popular that she got lots of modeling offers from numerous magazines such as Front and other glamour magazines.

With her tattooed body it gets hard to convince peoples that she is an sweet person who is just looking a way to bring her personality out. As we all know these days you need to have something own to stand out from the crowd.

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